Moving to a new home? Excited about your new pad, but dreading the moving process? Following these easy moving tips will not only make moving a breeze, but will help keep you organized during your move!

Essentials Last
With so many boxes and bags all around the house, it can be hard to find the things you need – especially if you need them right now! Don’t waste time trying to find your child’s favourite stuffed animal they have to have to fall asleep. Stop looking through boxes to find your toothbrush or other needs. Pack essentials last and even pack a survival bag or box for your family! Fill it with things that you can’t live without – whether it be your child’s favourite toy to your pyjama pants. A survival bag will help make your move easy!

Label, Label, Label
When moving, labelling your boxes is important. Label boxes with not only what is inside them but also what room they belong in. Instead of just putting “plates” on the box put “decorative plates” and “living room” so you are not confusing them with your other household items. Not only will you not have to open every box simply to find a cup to drink from, but it can help you and your removalist place the right items into the right room. Another way to label boxes is to number each box that way you know that nothing has gotten lost in the hustle and bustle.

Sandwich Bags are Handy for More than a Sandwich
Taking apart different items to pack in your house will leave you with screws, bolts, and other knick-knacks that you never knew were important. Instead of having to buy new items simply put them in a sandwich bag and label what they go to. Believe us, when you are trying to find the pieces to hang up your blinds you will be thanking us!

Use What You Have
Instead of going through tons of boxes, make use of what you already have that will have to get packed anyway! Instead of just moving your suitcases, fill them up! Opt to pack items in decorative baskets and even laundry baskets. It can be a space saver while moving!

Remember to Let Others Know You Are Moving
Before you move, remember to change your address and have your mail forwarded. You do not want to miss out on important mail or bills because you moved. While you easily can remember to switch your cable bill to the new address, keep in mind other important places such as work, credit card companies, etc that need to know if your address changes! Also, don’t be afraid to send a friendly note or card out to friends and family, that you have moved and give them your new address.

Trusted Removalists
Don’t just trust your valuables and prized possessions in the hands of just anyone! Relying on trusted and experienced removalists is important so you know the cabinet your grandmother passed down to you isn’t getting damaged. Bill Removalists Sydney Inner West Removal, are the top choice. Not only are they highly experienced, but each removalist has special training, they offer affordable prices, and always have a professional and eager to help demeanour.

Following these easy tips will help you move easily and stay organized! Moving should never be stressful and with these tips and with the help of trusted removalists like those from Bill Removalists Sydney, your new life in your new home will be up and going in no time.

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