Moving houses can be a stressful time in anyone’s life. A lot of planning, preparation and hard work is needed. One of the things to plan and prepare for is the removal of your possessions from your old house to your new house.

Before starting anything, decide on how you will be relocating your belongings. There are many ways in which this can be done. If you own a car, you may decide that you want to take it upon yourself to relocate all your items. However, unless you own a van of your own, removing items such as furniture may be difficult. Therefore, it is wise to research removal companies. There are a number of removal companies that specialise in house removals.

Removal companies offer a free quote, which means that you are under no obligation to buy, should you not like the price being offered. It is suggested that you get numerous quotes to allow you to make a decision which potentially could save you money.

When hiring a removal company, make sure that you are certain when the removal date is. If you are moving from a rental property, it may be wise to double check when your contract runs out. This is to avoid any problems regarding to the date of the move.

Once you have decided on a removal service to use, it is time to pack. Ensure that you start packing early to avoid a last minute rush. It will also guarantee that your possessions are packed and ready by the removal date.

Before packing, dispose of items that you do not want, like or need. You may wish to sell them at a car boot sale or even on websites such as eBay or amazon. There is no point in packing possessions which you do not necessarily want.

When packing boxes, keep an inventory or directly label boxes. This will not only keep you informed of items in a particular box, but will also help you ensure that all your items made the move successfully. If you pack boxes according to the room of the house that the items belong to, unpacking your items will be significantly easier than if you just pack random items into random boxes.

While packing, it will be advantageous to you if you start planning where your things are going in your new home. That is another category by which you can pack your belongings.

One area often forgotten is the attic. Everyone uses the attic in some way or another. You may find that there are empty boxes hiding in your attic, which can be used to pack your belongings. You may also find old clothes, furniture or precious keep safes up there, which you want to take with you.
Start using up items in your fridge and freezer so that you are able to defrost and dry it by the day of your removal.

Wardrobes and similar furniture items should be emptied and covered in bubble wrap to avoid abrasions during the move.

Organise parking spots at both your old house and new house. It is not the van driver’s responsibility to find a parking spot.

Pack a bag with necessities including a kettle, coffee, sandwiches and toilet roll for when you arrive at your new house. You may not be able to unpack straight away, so having these essentials with you will keep you going for a while.

Following this guide should make your move run smoothly, allowing you to enjoy and be excited about your moving experience.

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