Creating Inventory Lists

07Jun 2012

With all the chaos a home removal or office removal can involve there is a need for order and this can be a hard thing to muster. One way to create some order during a hectic move is creating inventory lists. These lists come in handy when doing any kind of move and they actually come in handy for many other applications as well but specifically targeting removals they are miracle workers.

The benefits of creating an inventory list are far reaching as with inventory lists being used during a move, it allows room to know exactly what needs to be done and what has yet to be done. Keeping track of this during a move is vitally important if nothing is to be left behind or undone.

Creating an inventory list will also help to reduce the stress of a move as well by making it easy to move through the packing without hesitation or second thought that something is missing. Although, you can inventory everything from the boxes themselves or the contents of each box and either way is great.

Creating an inventory list for the contents each box can help a lot during the unpacking end of a move. If an inventory list is created for the contents it is recommended to write down each item that is found in the box and tape it right to the side of the box. Another way this can be done is to number each box and the list of its contents with its number. Then all that is needed is to be done is to match the list number with the box number. This may be preferred for those that are shipping any boxes a long way or for those that will have their boxes of belongings handled by a lot of hands. This way the list does not come off of the box and the contents are not known to everyone.

It may be a good idea for a short move though just to inventory all the boxes after they are packed to makes sure that all the boxes that contain your belongings arrive at their destination. This way there is an easy to use list that will help you account for everything upon its arrival and then you can be sure that nothing is left behind.

It is most likely that you can skip the last one if there is a removal company involved in your move as they usually take care of creating an inventory list of all the boxes that go on to their trucks. So they will do a double check. Creating an inventory list of all the items or boxes that are moved on total is more for your own benefit when doing a removal on your own.

The positives of making inventory lists as you move can make your move a great one but don't get too carried away or you may find yourself inventorying everything you come across. This is how the pros do it and they are quite successful in moving, packing and shipping as well as storing items.

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