How to Pack Fragile Items

15Aug 2011

Packing seems so simple when you think about putting items into boxes. But then there are actually techniques to follow if you want to ensure the safety of your things. This is even more tedious when you have an expensive collection of china. You may also have rare and expensive paintings. You could also have an expensive guitar.

To ensure that they would not get damaged, the trick is to get the right boxes for the fragile items. For instance, the china should be packed in a box where they would be best padded and protected. Glasses would have individual cells. Paintings would exactly fit the box designed for it. Appliances are best in their originally packaging. There are double walled boxes designed to replace the original boxes though. In short, you should find specialty boxes that are designed for the specific fragile item. Don't forget to provide sufficient padding though. Empty spaces for the items to move and shake should be avoided as well. Paintings may even need insulation too.

Of course, don't forget to label the boxes "Fragile" though as this would be the guide of the movers or whoever is handling the boxes. With the right label, people would give it more care.

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