Moving is often a hassle and for some people it is a severe headache that can’t be avoided. Organization is the key to a move that is successful and does not overwhelm you. Being well organized also helps reduce the stress that is associated with moving as well. One of the best things that you can do to becoming organized for your move is to make an inventory list of all of your belongings. This will also help you to determine exactly what you have, what you want to keep and what you can get rid of. For many people moving is a good time to get rid of excess stuff that they really don’t use anymore.

The easiest way to inventory your belongings is to start with the big items that can’t be packed into a box such as furniture. It is also advisable to take pictures of your furniture as proof of the condition it is in to avoid disputes over its condition after relocation.

There is no doubt that you will have a great many boxes after you have packed all of your belongings. It might be helpful to create a separate inventory list just for boxes. Numbering the boxes will also be helpful as you can note exactly what is in each box on the inventory list. This will prevent having to write each item on the box itself as you can simply assign each box a number and refer to the list for the corresponding number and contents. This will save time and make it much easier to find important items after reaching your destination.

Estimates and Receipts
One thing that will be helpful, especially on valuable items, is to have estimates of the approximate cost of the item or receipts from the purchase of such items. Keep these estimates and receipts with your inventory list so that they may be found easily in case anything is lost or damaged during the move. If you have a large number of estimates and receipts it may be easier to scan them into one file. This will make things much easier should you have to make any insurance claims following the move.

Room by Room
The best way to pack and inventory your belongings is one room at a time. By making your inventory list one room at a time it will be much easier to keep your list organized based on the room that items belong in.

As you can see there are many things to consider when it comes to creating a detailed inventory list of your belongings. The more detailed this list is the easier it will be to spot damaged or missing items. In addition to this it will be much easier to find important items when you reach your destination such as toiletries and kitchen items that will be needed right away. The more organized you can be the less hassle you will have to deal with which will make the process much easier to handle.

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