Office removals are very different from house removals. The biggest differences are: there are more people involved and affected by the relocation and the move can have negative effects on the business, if not done the right way. But what is the right way to relocate your business so that it goes stress-free and damage-free? When you are only moving locally, things tend to be easier, but you will definitely need a reputable moving company.

When you start discussing the relocation with the removals company’s representative, be precise about your needs and try to negotiate the best price and the best time. Choosing the right time for an office move is a challenge. Everyone knows that moving at the weekend is much more expensive, but with a business to take care of, this might be the only reasonable time. Summer is definitely the most hectic time for house moves – it seems everyone is moving between the months of May and September.

The easiest way to move locally is to schedule it for Friday evening and include the weekend. This way everything can be packed and transported safely to the new location and you can go back to work on Monday morning. Of course it will take time to adapt, so be considerate to your employees. No move is ever easy and some people might even get frustrated about it. Discuss whether your employees wish to pack some of their personal belongings and clear their desks in advance, or the packers should take care of all that. Whatever you do make sure that the move is planned to the last detail so your business won’t have to suffer because of it. Talk to your employees and allow them to share ideas about the way the new office will look like – in terms of arrangement and use of the space.

Understand that moving the office is a big step and it can lead to bigger and better things for your business but not without the full cooperation of your staff. Work together, not against them and the relocation will be successful and smooth.

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