You have planned the moving process for a long time and now that the day has arrived and you have done all the packing, you are not sure of the proper way of loading the hired moving truck. Well, you are not alone as there has been countless number of people who have previously made the decision of loading the truck themselves rather than hiring someone else’s do it. In the end, you will save lots of money and you can use this experience to help a friend or relative later on.

Even though there might not be a specific procedure for loading your household items onto the truck, there are ways that you can follow if you want to get the job done right. First, if you would like to make the loading process easier and faster, have a list of all the items to be moved and group them according to their sizes. Group the same box sizes together.

Move Large and Heavy Items before others
Always move the biggest and heaviest items first into the truck. This includes items such as
wardrobes, furniture, washing machine, stove and fridges. Make sure these items are given the first
priority inside the truck and are placed on the farthest corner of the moving truck. Do not put them
in the middle but alongside the wall of the truck. Moreover, place the items in an upright position on both sides of the truck to provide balance.

To protect furniture from damaging, you can use padding to cover the corners. You can easily get the items for padding from the local store and they also aid in sliding the items onto the truck.
Also, some furniture such as beds and tables will need to be disassembled prior to being loaded onto the truck to prevent them from taking too much space.

Moving Long Items
The next groups of items that need to be placed on the truck are long items such as mirrors,
mattresses, table tops and box springs. To save the front space and protect the items, place them on the truck’s side wall. This allows you to utilize the front space for smaller items.

Place Sealed Boxes
Assuming that you have correctly packed items in the boxes and sealed them, your next step will
be to load these boxes onto the moving truck. This is done after loading the non-boxed items so as to protect smaller items. You can put the larger boxes on top of heavy items like sofas, fridges or furniture and make sure they are firmly secured before loading others. Afterwards, start loading the smaller boxes onto the truck and ensure every available space is filled. The smaller boxes can even be placed underneath items such as desks, tables or chairs. You can also place the smaller boxes on top of the larger ones.

Fragile items should be loaded last onto the moving truck to prevent them from being damaged by
the larger and heavier items. Next, if you have other remaining items place them in the empty space.

The final step is to secure the items firmly in place using ropes. If the truck is not completely filled,
the items will move around and might be damaged so it is always advisable to properly secure them.

If you are moving items such as motorcycles, lawn mowers or any other item that use gasoline, you
will need to drain the gasoline before loading them. Moving is a time consuming process and can be tiring. However, by following the above loading tips, you will make it easy for yourself and everyone involved in the moving process.


Article by Isaac Atia, Head SEO Consultant at Premier Movers, a full service moving company based in North New Jersey. Premier is also known as extremely reputable NJ Movers and relocate hundreds of people every year.

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