Getting ready for a house move and planning to pack your household on your own? You are definitely not the only one who prefers to do things on their own, instead of letting strangers in their house. The truth is that no expert team of packers could ever feel how special some of your belongings are, therefore they will never treat them with that much care that you’d wish. Moreover, it’s quite expensive to pay for full packing services and you can’t really control how things are done. If you have more than one bedroom in your house, make sure that you pack them one by one. Focus on one box at a time and pack similar items together. Don’t forget to label each box as you go and tick off the items from the inventory list. If you have children, ask them to pack some of their belongings and provide them with moving boxes. Give them some privacy and don’t try to teach them how to pack, but simply give instructions before they start.

Pack lamps in special boxes and remove the cords. Use bubble wrap to provide a few layers of protection. Mirrors should be placed in flat specialty cardboard boxes and labeled accordingly. The heavy items, such as blankets, linen and clothes need to be packed in medium or small boxes. The light ones should be in bigger boxes. Use wardrobe boxes to keep your clothes neat and tidy – it’s one of the easiest ways to move them without even taking them off the hangers.

Don’t forget to label each box with what’s inside and where should it go. If you are downsizing, some items might have to go or be replaced by more functional ones. Keep in mind the space plan of your future home so you can plan where each piece of furniture will be placed. Don’t try to create a replica of your old home, but try new ways to use the space to its full advantage.

Remember that packing should be an organized and damage-free process, so make sure you follow these safe tips.

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