Life gives us all sorts of situations and sometimes we need to make quick decisions that will change our lifestyle in one way or another. One of the situations that come up with decisions that people often make is emergency moving or as we called in professional terms last minute removals.

For most people the moving process is an important event that requires planning and a lot of organizing, but sometimes life doesn’t give you that kind of luxury and you might just need to find the most efficient solution for your removal.

Here are some tips and advices on what to expect when you book a removals company in the last minute:

It is very rarely when you will be able to receive the full quality of service that a removal company provides if you decide to book them last minute but at Man Van Solutions we adapted our logistics and operational capacity to come as close as we can to satisfy your needs and wants especially in a last minute removal bookings. A good moving firm takes every move individual and prepares for it according to the needs of the customer that is why a pre-booking, a survey are first steps that needs to be done if you are not under pressure with your house removal.

Here we go, things to know when you want to book last minute:

• Find a good moving company that can accommodate you in the last minute by first of all asking a friend, relative, neighbor or a trusted person that has moved before you and can recommend you the removal services.

• Using the online search engines to browse for a removal company in London or professional man and van company, make sure you have a real look on the company’s website, office addresses, referrals before making the phone call.
• You might be thinking that you don’t have time, but it will take you not more than 5 minutes to analyze and have a word with their office to see what they can offer you. This initial phase is worth taking the time because.

• When you call, make sure to secure the booking with written messages, representatives name, company details and deposit payments via BACS. This is not because you, the customers don’t present a trustworthy profile but simply to make sure that if they rush to get things ready for you, you will not cancel while they are driving towards your property and it can be applied the other way around as well.

The 4 above criteria we presented to you especially because even if it’s so tempting to look and book the cheapest removal company, try to avoid the “cowboys” of the removal industry, they so called individual man and van. The reasons to avoid this kind of booking are numerous, starting with the professionalism level, customer service experience; guarantee to show up, insurances and hidden costs.

Reason for that is being the fact that even you are under a lot of pressure they might add to it rather than help you and the good deal or bargain that you thought to be initially might be soon convert into another problem. Who wants that? Nobody.

More than that be carefully of the price they advice you on because if they see your desperation to make the last minute removal booking, the price might increase a lot faster than the inflation. We care so much about our company image and we look for our customers to have the best and joyful removal experience. People need to know and be informed especially if they didn’t book a removal company before.

It is usually a good idea to plan in advance but if worst comes to worst and you find yourself in the situation of needing to move in the last minute, try to book a decent company that will remove the stress of moving and will let you deal with the reason you had to move in the first place. In any of the cases, we are here to help you and to do a good work for you. You can call our offices every day from 9am to 7pm and kindly ask for a quick quotation, free survey. Please have a look on our public list of prices made very clear and precise on

We proud ourselves being recommended by our customers and partners as the high quality, professional and affordable man and van services in London. Now working in partnership with Kingsman we provide international relocations and shipping.

Happy Moving!

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