Yes, Christmas is the best time of the year, there is no doubt about that – families gatherings, delicious treats, sparkling decorations, you are definitely not in the mood to pack and move, are you. But, sometimes life surprises us all of a sudden. If it happens that you are moving during holidays, leave the drama. Sure, you may have plans and you have never imagined your Christmas Eve sorting out and packing your furniture, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot experience the magic of Christmas. Think about the new opportunities that you will soon explore.

Find a trustworthy Removal Firm

If it is a last minute move and you cannot postpone it, then hit the Internet and start browsing for removal firms as soon as possible to find out how much does it cost a house removal. Prepare for a higher moving price rates. See, you will find companies that will work during holidays, but many of the employees will be off work, at home with their families. When you come up with a list of movers, research each company. You definitely do not want to end with a rogue mover. Read some reviews on the companies to find out more about the experience of the previous companies. You might also check whether the removal companies have affiliations with business associations like British Associations of Removers. And most importantly, accept quotations only after in-home surveys, otherwise you are risking to receive inaccurate moving estimations.

Leave enough time for packing

Yes, packing, not so awesome task to do, but if you do it by yourself, you will save on the final bill. Of course, it is inexcusable to save money by compromising with quality. So take enough time for the packing job. So start packing as soon as possible to avoid mistakes caused by being in a hurry. You can ask friends to come over and help you. Listen some Christmas carols or you can even sing together while doing the packing. If there is an item/items that are difficult for you to dismantle and pack, ask your moving consultant to help, or at least someone with the experience and the knowledge. Mind that arts and electronics are tricky to handle and need a climate-controlled van to be transported safely. So be careful when packing, use all the protective packing materials such as foam, bubble wrapping, peanuts.

Have Fun

Don’t make me say that twice. It’s Christmas. Even if the reasons behind the move are driven by negative circumstances, stay positive. Negativity never helps. So it might not be a dinner at the dinning room with all the Christmas themed tableware, but remember it’s not the place, it’s the people who make our moments special. So it may be a Christmas Eve around boxes instead of a big, flashy Christmas tree, but it can be a nice one – it all depends on you.

Moving with Kids

Moving with kids during holidays, especially Christmas can be a turmoil. We all know that kids love Christmas – treats, presents, carols. It might be even more stressful for them to deal with the relocation than it is for you although kids are said to be more adaptive than adults. So no matter how busy you are, spend some time with your little angels. And, if your home isn’t carrying the spirit of Christmas, take them out – at the mall, at the park, or at the local candy store for some sweet treats, drink hot chocolate at your favorite place. Moreover, involve kids in the packing and let them have fun. Give them some colorful markers and ask them to write on the boxes what is inside them. Let them even draw on the boxes.

Deck the halls

If you can afford it, look for removal companies that offer high-end moving service. Your moving cost will be higher, but then you won’t be involved in the moving process. The only involvement expected from you will be to pay the bill. Movers come dismantle, pack, load, transport, unload, unpack, assemble and you, you don’t even have to be present, you enjoy the magic of Christmas having time with the people you love and care most.

Author: Manuella Irwin is a relocation specialist engaged to provide moving tips and tricks to help people move fast and easy.

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