Moving across the country can sound very adventurous especially if you are moving to the countryside the lot of green areas and wild birds flying across fields and forests, but it can also become very daunting if not planned properly and in time.

Pick a place you like

When you’re moving nationally, you want to move to a place you like, with low crime rate and friendly and understanding people. You also have to consider work. Are you moving for pleasure or business? If you are moving for pleasure and your work location stays the same, then you may have to wake up earlier to travel for longer distances to get to work and also expect to arrive at home at a later time.

If you work from home, then you have nothing to worry about, and you can enjoy your new place better than anybody, but you also have to take into consideration the area you’re moving to, if its more expensive or cheaper.

Renting before buying

Many things can change in time when moving to and from any place, so it’s ideal to first rent a property in the area you like and go out and explore at different times and ensure that’s what you really want. No matter how many times you more, there will always be a good Man and van Hire service that will help you every step of the way. They can be cheap and give you the opportunity to share their local experiences in the area. Take your time before buying a house, and ensure you know where the local shops and emergency services are located in case something happens.

Travelling to your new destination

Of course flying would be the most fun way to travel, but if you are moving all your possessions at the same time, it could be idea to travel with the removals van from the moving service at the same time. Most removals companies won’t charge any extras for this even when moving overseas and you could save a lot of money on a ticket, but it’s a good point to remember that travelling by road for long hours can become pretty boring unless there is something you can do on the way. If you decide to move by yourself, do tell the van rental company where you’re moving so they can explain any extra charges there may be for long distances. Also you will have to return the van if rented from a van rental company.

Packing carefully

Take your time when packing all your items. When your moving long distances your possessions will have to go through a lot more bumps and so using plenty of packing materials will ensure nothing will break. Also go quickly though all the things that you really want to take and the things that you don’t need. You can save a lot of space in the moving van by not taking the things you need, and you can make some money off them by selling them on eBay or simply giving them away to people who need them.

Make sure you have someone ready to contact in case of an emergency, the contact details for your moving company and also drinks and food for the way if needed. Having a satnav to hand can also help if you are moving with the moving man. And if you really want to, take a camera to take pictures of the scenery you like on the way to your new home.

Price your move

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