There may come a time in your life where you need to move temporarily, this may be because you are having improvements made to your property or your home is still in the process of being built. Deciding what to take with you and what to store can be the key to making your move less stressful.

Firstly you want to think about what you can and can’t live without, remember that the less you take with you know and the more you put into storage, the easier it is going to be when you are moving back into your property. If you are only moving temporarily for a few days then it very likely that you won’t even unpack your things, keep this in mind when choosing what to put into storage. If you are moving for a few months then you are going to want to take a bit more.

To give you an idea, here is a list of items that you might own that you might want to consider putting into storage:

• Garden furniture
• Ornaments
• Light fixtures
• Dishwasher
• Additional unused chairs
• Private owned doors
• Display cabinets

There may be more items that you own that I have not mentioned however this gives you an idea of what you can live without and is not necessary to take with you.

Here is a list of a few items that you might own that you should consider taking with you when moving home on a temporary basis:

• Kitchen ware including kettle, microwave etc.
• White goods such as washing machine and cooker
• Sofa
• Entertainment such as television
• Beds
• Bedroom units and clothes

You may find letting go of some items difficult, just remember that it is only for a short while. If you have any personal items that you would feel safer keeping then do so, not everything has to go into storage, only goods that you will have no use for in the short time that you are away from home.

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