What could be more amazing than moving to a new place? Although, it sounds very exciting, most people find moving as one of the life’s most demanding and stressful events. However, it does not always have to be like that. With appropriate planning your Essex removals and complete supplies of packing materials, moving from one place to another can be not just be efficient but hassle free too. All you have to do here is to follow some vital tips mentioned below:

45 Days Before You Move – You must clean out all the junk. In case you do not want it, or you have to keep it with you, it is better that you get rid of it. For families, this perhaps would be a few garbage bags and for some it could be just renting a dumpster. You can also start comparing moving costs from different Edinburgh removals firms.

30 Days Before You Move – It is time when you get yourself some boxes and start packing up the items that you will not require during the coming month. It could be family photos, books, collectibles, holiday decorations and seasonal clothing that requires early packing. Tape up all the boxes with the best packing tape and clearly label the boxes with the room it is destined to and the contents it has. Collect styrofoam, bubble wrap, newspaper, and anything else that you consider will make good packing material.

20 Days Before You Move – It is time when you should arrange for the transfer of all the utilities, give the credit card companies your new address and subscriptions, babysitting and pet sitting. Kids and relocation do not mix well.

10 Days Before You Move –The less that requires to be moved the faster the move will be. This is actually the best time when you can cash in some favors and determine if people around can help you keep some of your stuff at their home for a short period of time. This is significant, especially for delicate items that may get damaged during the relocation. Confirm your moving dates. Clean your pantry of goods and freeze before you move.

2 Days Before You Move – You have to ensure that your home should already start looking like a barren. You should take off all the frames off the walls. The knickknacks should also be boxed away. Small appliances, toys, shoes, most clothes and jewelry should be packed and properly labeled. Home electronics such as the stereos and TVs should be either packed or at least unplugged and ready to be moved. Mostly, such larger items are packed using padded or plastic wrapping. All the items that have been packed should be moved to the garage or closer to the door. This will help speed up the moving process.

The Moving Day – Ensure you keep your kids and the pets out of the picture. With them, it would take twice as long to move out as it is to move in. Ensure the furniture and beds are disassembled when possible. Professional movers will know what to take out first. While you are moving your stuff, have the experts place the items in the rooms where they should go, but do the unpacking and assembling all by yourself.

As you arrive at your new place, you should plug in your home first and ensure that it is working. If it is a resale, you must do a quick walk through to ensure all the appliances are plugged in and working. Make certain that the air conditioner and furnace is on. Check out for any damages being done by the prior owners. Make a note of it and pursue with it later.

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