Before you move home, you are more than likely to browse the web for information on packing and moving tips. You’ll crawl through various websites claiming to have the best tips, advice and useful guides. Most are actually full of genuine and practical facts. However, here are the top 3 tips that will definitely reduce the cost of your move when using a removalist.

Tip 1: Disassemble your beds before the removal company arrives. Your furniture will need to be carried through various doorways and the bed is unlikely to be done safely while in one piece. If it has been deconstructed it will make it a lot easier for the removal me to stack the back of the truck too. Any good removalist will be able to do this for you but you will save buckets by doing it yourself.

Tip 2: If it fits in a box, put it in a box. The most costly relocations are those where the men arrive and nothing is ready to go. If miscellaneous item are strewn all around the house they are going to need to be packed and this will take time and money. Be prepared and organise your items in plenty of time before the moving day arrives.

Tip 3: Reserve a spot for the truck! If you live in a built up area where there are many cars parked on the street, make sure you allocate a spot the night before. Many removal companies will not park in the driveway due to health and safety reasons. This means they’ll have to park on the road and if there is not a space, the truck will have to parked further than expected. The further away the truck is, the longer the men have to walk and the more it is going to cost you.

Written by Rob Wallace from The Removalists Guide

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