Why hire a moving company for your move? There are lots of reasons. It is hard work to pack, load and unload your furniture and boxes. It can also be dangerous if you do not have experience with moving. Professional movers are experienced and will make your move much easier than attempting to move yourself. Here are some tips:

• Services: Which services do you need? Many moving companies will provide supplies (at a cost), as well as packing and unpacking services. Decide how much you want to do and how much you would like to hire someone else to do.

• Do you want someone to just do the heavy lifting? Check your options if you are willing to do get your own packing supplies, pack and unpack, and load all but the heavy items, just hire labor for your move.

• Moving companies usually have strong men that can lift heavy things. They are professional, trained, experienced, licensed and insured.

• Find out how many movers are included. If you have a large job it may be worth paying extra for more movers.

• Ask for estimates and find out what is included and what you have to pay extra for.

• Convenience: Is the moving company available when you want to move? Check to make sure they can be available when you want to move (day, evening, or weekends). Some companies are only available at certain times so make sure there will be a crew available when it is convenient for you.

• Size of move: If you only have a small amount of furniture to move, check to see if you can pay for a partial day. Some moving companies charge for a full day even if your move takes less time.

• Check that you will be covered for damaged or lost items. Make sure it is covered in your contract.

• Insurance: It pays to get insurance to cover furniture and high value items. You may want to check your homeowners or rental insurance because you may already be covered. If not, be sure to get enough insurance to cover your move.

• Business Bureaus: You should hire a company that provides the best service to its customers. Check with BBB or similar bureau to make sure the company you are going to use does not have complaints against them.

• Payment: Check to see if the moving company takes credit cards or checks. If they insist on cash only, beware. They probably have not been in business long.

• Cancellation fee: Check to see if there is a cancellation fee in case you have to change the moving date.

• Extra charges: Find out what is covered and what is not? Make sure you find out if there are any extra or hidden charges that have not been covered in your contract.

Do your homework, find a reliable mover, and only pay for what you need.

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