Nowadays moving house is definitely not a cheap pleasure. In fact, these services become more and more expensive, because there is a bigger and bigger demand. It seems that people move house a lot – locally, cross-country, long-distance, overseas. In the current economy in most countries, nothing is that stable or secure. People move house seeking better opportunities for their families. If you are one of those ready to move house and embrace all the new chances, here is a little guide on what to do when hiring the moving truck for the relocation.

Whether you decide to do a DIY house move or trust the assistance of a professional removals company, you’ll have to rent a moving truck that is big enough to accommodate all your belonging – packed in cardboard moving boxes and furniture pieces wrapped and secured. Ideally you will only have to make one trip to the new location. Renting the moving truck should be done at last 2 months before the house move. This way you ensure sufficient time for preparing the inventory list, doing clearance and packing your household. Keep in mind that the busiest season for house moves is summer and it’s also the most expensive. If you want to make sure that you can find an available mover for your ideal moving date, start your search a few months in advance.

The safest way to move is by hiring the truck with the driver. This way you ensure that a professional is driving your belongings and you don’t have to worry about them. Ensure that you receive insurance for the transportation of your goods. Compare at least three quotes from different moving companies and choose the one that looks like the most reliable. Approximately a 12 ft. moving truck would be able to accommodate a small flat with two bedrooms. The 16 rt. one is big enough for a large flat with two bedrooms. The 22 ft. truck would suffice for 3-4 bedroom flat or house and the 26 ft. one should be enough for the belonging of a flat/house with 4-5 bedrooms.

Follow these simple tips and your house move will go smoothly.

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