Moving home can be a long and stressful process, your world is upside down and in boxes, plates get broken and items get lost.

Using the correct packing materials is essential to get you through the moving process with everything in order and still in one piece.

Here are a list of just some of the things that will help with your move

Packaging Tape
Use packaging tape to add strength and reinforcement to boxes.

Marker Pens & Labels
Label each box with the contents or the room in which it came from.

Cardboard boxes
Make sure you have a selection of different sized boxes. Use small boxes for heavy items, large boxes for light items, and medium boxes for everything in between. Tape the bottom of your boxes so that they don’t give way.

Bubble Wrap & Paper
Protect breakables by wrapping them in bubble wrap. For items that are only slightly delicate, wrap them in kraft paper or newspaper and then add a layer of bubble wrap in-between items.

Packing Peanuts
As well as providing a layer of protection, packaging peanuts are great for filling empty space in your boxes, preventing your goods from moving about.

Grip Seal Bags
These are brilliant for storing little bits like nuts and bolts, hair accessories or small items that may get lost in a bigger box.

Protective covers
For the things that don’t fit in boxes, such as furniture and mattresses, use a protective cover.

Padded Wallets
Use padded wallets to keep safe and protect small valuables such as keys, photos or important documents.

And to help your moving process run that extra bit smoothly, we’ve included a few extra tips below.

Make a list!
Preparation is key. Make a priority packing list including essential packaging supplies you will need. Use the list provided above to help get you started.

Have a sort out
Before starting to pack absolutely everything you own, have a good root through your belongings and decide whether you really need that knitted toilet roll cover. Have a thorough spring clean and throw out everything you don’t use, want or need.

To earn some extra money to help out with your move, why not sell your unwanted items online or at a car-boot sale.

Pack early
Start early to avoid rushed, last minute packing. After all, you never know what unexpected surprises may pop up days before your move.

Pack sensibly
Pack up your things one room at a time, marking each box with which room it came from. This will help when you’re unpacking in your new home.

Pack a box of essentials and keep it separate from the rest, fill it with items such as water, snacks, toilet paper and a change of clothes incase you don’t have time to unpack everything on moving day.

By following the tips and advice above, you should find that your move runs that little bit smoother, and finding items that little bit easier when you are in your new home.

Written by Storm Trading, one of the UK’s leading online packaging suppliers, connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.

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