There are plenty of ways to organize our home and to utilize ways for storage that are largely overlooked by most people if you know what you’re looking for. For that reason we have prepared a number of hints to make your time storing these possessions much easier. Here we go starting with:

1. Glass Jars
If you’ve ever seen or had a workshop of your own then that means you must have seen the way small bolts and nuts are held in there. This can also be applied even in the kitchen for an unorthodox solution for storing your spices and other things if the space allows it. Naturally this may or may not look great depending on the way its executed. Just use superglue or better screws to attach the lid to the underside of your cabinets and then screw the jars on.

2. Storing plastic bags
You can easily dispense with the mess of randomly placed drawers chock full of plastic bags which spill out as soon as you open them. Maybe you need them for some purposes like ridding yourself of small amounts of trash or animal waste? Whatever the case you can keep those under control by stuffing them inside a tissue box where you’ll be able to pull them out one by one. In the worst case scenario you can make something like that yourself simply by cutting an opening on a large enough cardboard box.

3. Paper towel holders
You can use those for a lot more than just paper towels – when you’re gift wrapping you can use one of those to stack the ribbons used to keep them well-organized and ready.

4. Dish-drying rack
You can utilize that for more than just dishes – books, notebooks, crayons and pencils can easily go inside as well and they’ll be handy and right next to you for when you need them.

5. Using a coat rack
You can use one of those for not only hanging your clothes but also for hanging your favorite necklaces, pendants and bracelets so they’ll be easy to grab and within reach. The good thing is that they will also not tangle as easily as they would if they were in a box.

6. Colored bins
You can use these to assign a given color to a member of your family and this will let them use those as a special way of knowing where they can place their items. This is especially useful with kids who will love the association with a given color.
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