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Florida is a common destination place for anybody who loves the sun, the beach, and doesn’t mind a bit of humidity. With dozens of cities and towns in Florida, it’s a little difficult to pick the right one. However, you have landed on this article, which means you are considering moving not only to Florida, but also to the capital city of Florida, Tallahassee. This medium-sized city is one of the more comfortable places in Florida to live.
Why moving to Florida is so popular? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

It’s the Perfect Size

Tallahassee isn’t rural but it’s also not urban. It’s kind of in the middle. The atmosphere is that of the hustle and bustle of a city, but the neighborhoods are more like living in a small town where everyone knows each other.

The Atmosphere Never Gets Old

With the capitol building being right downtown, you’re likely to see parades and officials roaming the streets and asking to pay for your coffee! The city has several elementary schools, a high school, two larger universities and one community college, so education is definitely important to the community. The city hosts several art festivals, film nights, concerts, political fundraisers and more so there is always something going on. All members of the family can find something to do here. Also, everyone from local Tallahassee movers to coffee shop employees seems to have friendly, go-getter kinds of attitudes. Someone is always willing to lend a helping hand!

Perfect for Water-Lovers

Tallahassee is not only near several beaches, but there are also several springs, lakes, rivers, and springs surrounding the area. You’re almost guaranteed to be near some source of water. Tallahassee movers are well aware of all the beautiful places in the area so if you really want to see the beautiful bodies of water, ask your moving company to take the scenic route and follow them!

Kid-Friendly Neighborhoods

Tallahassee is a kid-friendly place that has great education opportunities, several day care centers, and many activities for kids to get involved in! With several parks, sports fields, and bike trails, there will always be something for your kids to do. All parks have at least one playground, there are several baseball fields in the area, fishing is a common past time, and you can even teach your kid to ride without training wheels along the scenic bike trails!

Don’t be alarmed! Tallahassee is not filled with little ones running around everywhere! There are areas that are more adult-friendly than kid-friendly

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