Effective Ways To Sell Your Timeshare Rental

12Jun 2012

Timeshare rental is a very nice notion that offers many benefits to the customers while guaranteeing that the place is always occupied, unlike most hotels. However, there are times when you actually don't need your share over a period of time and you would like to sell it. Here is how you can do this in the best way, which is also the most profitable way.

1. The first way to sell your timeshare is through personal referrals. This is probably the easiest way to sell, since your best friends, their friends, your family and relatives, their friends, and your colleagues create a big network of acquaintances. Your immediate family and closest friends know you well enough to trust your word about the place. They are probably aware of the real condition of the place and would happily recommend it to others.

 2. Online selling comes second, but is just as efficient nowadays - the best way is by having a newsletter sent to everyone you can send to. This is a fast and easy way to advertise your property. The more people you know you can send to, the bigger your network gets and the more chances you have of selling the timeshare.

3. Advertisement is essential - it is the easiest, most efficient way, but also the most expensive. The right advertisement is the only way to reach the right potential buyers. If you are selling an expensive timeshare, at an exotic destination, which has high maintenance fees, you cannot expect to sell it as quickly as you wish, but with the proper advertisement the right client will come shortly.

4. Through word of mouth - this is yet another great method which is full of potential and leads to successful results. The word-of-mouth marketing is a stress-free way of doing advertisement. For instance, you used to love the place and you have told someone about it. They have rented it multiple times, and were pleased with it. So the usual outcome is that this person will tell their friends and relatives about it, without even being asked to do it. This is how you can attract buyers indirectly.

5. Use the social networks - they ensure that you get noticed in a way which doesn't pressure people. It is enough to be noticed and talked about. Post a few good shots of your place, state its facilities and amenities and you can be sure that there will be at least a few curious people, who may want to buy, or who can recommend the place to someone they know.

6. Try selling the timeshare to the other owners. Of course, they are aware of the advantages the place has, if they are using it too. Many owners would consider this because it will increase their periods of stay at the property. If they refuse, however, ask them if they know someone who might be interested.

7. Try selling through sales people - this will require a commission from your side, but at least you won't be entirely on your own in this undertaking.

As you can see there are many ways to sell your timeshare in a timely manner. Choose the way which suits you best, or use a few simultaneously for a better and faster result. No matter how you feel about your timeshare anymore, be a good sales person and advertise it accordingly. No buyer wants to know that you hate the place or that going there has become boring over the time. Use good marketing and pursue the outcome without giving up.

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