How To Spend Less When Moving House

06Jan 2015

Moving house can be an expensive affair, given that you are going to be paying for a new home and the renovations in it, and a number of other things that you will want to get in your new abode. If you are one of those people for whom relocation is a way of life, either because of your work or other passions, then you would obviously want to cut down on your removals costs. Given the current economy, trying to keep your removal budget to a minimum is a wise decision. With the few tips and tricks that we have mentioned below, you can easily avail of good quality removal service at very affordable prices.•    Sort your stuff The amount of things one ends up buying in this consumeristic world is inconceivable. Before you know it, all your storage space is filled and you are still buying more. Throw away things that have gone into disrepair and which you will never be using again, give away or recycle things that you have never used. The less things you have to pack and move, the easier and cheaper your move will be. •    Have a garage saleA good way to make some profit from old things is to sell them on an auction website such as Gumtree, eBay or hold a garage sale. This is a great way to get rid of the old, bulky items in your house such as refrigerator, furniture, washing machine etc. and make space for the new ones in your new home. The money that you make from the sale of these items could also be used to cover the cost of the removal or to buy new household items.•    Carry only what you needRemember that the moving company is going to charge you according to the amount of space you will need to move house. Therefore, the best way to make sure that you don’t incur a high house removal cost is to carry only what you need, and not everything you want. Leave behind things that you know you will not need in the new place or which you can buy in the new place and then leave behind. If you are going to be on the move for a long time, then it makes sense to ask a friend or relative if you can leave a few boxes in their garage for a while. •    Do your own packingDepending on what you are moving, you might want to handle most of the packing and moving yourself. This might take you some time, but if you start well ahead of time, you should be done comfortably by the moving day.  Some removal companies will even tailor you a service package where you can hire professional movers to only pack certain items while you take care of the rest. •    Recycle boxesInstead of buying new boxes to pack your stuff in, you can easily get double boarded boxes from stores and supermarkets which can be reused as packing boxes. Make sure they are strong and sturdy and use a high strength tape to reinforce the base and joints so that they remain intact during the move.•    Hire a vanInstead of hiring the company for the full package, get your friends and family to help you dismantle and pack. This way, you can easily get away with hiring a man and a van service only. There are several companies in your area to pick from that are willing to do a man and van hire, and you can ask for additional help with loading and unloading if required. Even paying for extra men will cost you less than the whole service.

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