Project 'Office Recolation' in Six Steps

22Aug 2012

An office relocation by itself should be nothing more and nothing less than just another business project for the company concerned. In order to complete it flawlessly you only have to keep your eyes on the goal and complete the project within the time allotted. This should sound pretty familiar for anyone who has participated in a business project before. Of course, there are some specific details to be taken into account. Read the 6 steps project guide to learn more.  

Step 1: Strategy
Goal: Lay out the fundamentals of the moving process
Time frame: Three months before moving
The project should start with estimating the actual need of a relocation at that point in time. Managers have to be sure in their team's ability to relocate as quickly and smoothly as possible, and with minimum effects on the working process. An example budget has to be set and all the potential costs, including additional and unexpected, have to somehow be calculated.

Step 2: Resource planning
Goal: Secure the budget and plan the necessary costs
Time frame: Two months before moving
Agreeing on the budget is the starting point. From there on, the necessary services and materials have to be planned. It's highly advisable for companies to use the services of an experienced moving company, familiar with office relocations in the area. After the signing of a moving contract, the moving company should take care of the delivery and use of any additional materials, the ransport, and the engaging of specialists if needed and stated in the contract, for example for the repair and redecorating of the new place.

Step 3: Moving plan
Goal: Draw a detailed outline of the moving process
Time frame: One month before moving
The moving plan for an office relocation shall look like a long spreadsheet. The details of the move have to be listed, as well as the person or department responsible for them and the timeframe. On the basis of the moving plan every department has to prepare to-do lists for their responsibilities as a department and as individuals. For example, the IT department will take care of the disconnection and packing of all computers and printers, and unpacking and connection at the new place; the marketing department will be responsible for the address changes and for informing everyone concerned; and every department should organize the packing of their paper archives and current document folders, and every employee has to pack the contents of his or her desk. One or more managers have to be engaged in the preparation of the new place - decorating, buying new furniture, etc.

Step 4: Preliminary preparation
Goal: Organise every aspect of the move, personnel and resources included  
Time frame: One week before moving
Every department has to start following the first matters of their to-do lists simultaneously with their regular obligations. Archives should be packed, and all personal belongings of the employees have to be removed from the office in preparation for the removal. At the new place, all the refurnishing and redecoration have to be finished, and heating, electricity, water, telephones and Internet have to be turned on or connected and functioning properly. With the approach of moving day, non-essential responsible activities can be transferred to the new place, as well as the contents of basements, utility and storage rooms.

Step 5: Implementation
Goal: Carry out a smooth and quick move
Time frame:  Moving day and the following week
Everyone has to carry out their duties as stated in the moving plan. The relocating of the computers and servers as well as the fixed telephone network is the crucial event. It has to be performed as fast as possible, because as soon as these devices are properly connected, the normal working process can be resumed.

Step 6: Feedback
Goal: Make evaluations and draw conclusions
Time frame: One month after moving
After everything and everyone is settled at the new office, a big meeting should be held in order to receive feedback on the preliminary goals. If the budget is not exceeded, congratulations are also in order.

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