Packing Your Attire

24Jul 2012

When moving to a new home you will have to move your clothes and shoes, as well as everything else. However, if it takes you a long time to do the removal, you should know that emptying the wardrobe should be amongst the last things you do. Clothing is essential for one's everyday existence. Remember that it is better to plan your move - you will have more time and less stress with good organization. Otherwise, moving could turn into a very unpleasant experience - for you and for your family. We have some useful advice for you to follow.
Carrying clothes in boxes is not very practical. It is going to take up a lot of space and more boxes, respectively. Furthermore, when you unpack your luggage you will find them very crumpled. However, there are other, more suitable ways of moving your attire from one house to another. The first of them is to actually roll your clothes. This works pretty well if you use suitcases for carrying them. Keep in mind that rolling could crumple them too. You might find them in mess the next time you open the suitcase. The second way of moving clothes includes the usage of garbage bags. That's right. The ordinary black garbage bag can help you a lot. Make a hole in the bottom of the bag - from there the hooks of the hangers will pass through. With it, ‘pack' several items of clothing while still on their hangers into one ‘bundle' or ‘package'. Gathered in this manner they are able to be put lying on the floor of a car, van or lorry. You can put several ‘bundles' one over the other for saving space. If you have enough space, it is best to transport your clothes while they are still hanging on the hangers. Their order remains the same and you take them off the vehicle without any crumpling.
Pay attention to the exact type of clothing. There is a difference between a coat and shorts. Formal clothes need protection - they tend to collect a lot of dust, they crumple easily, especially shirts and trousers, and can't be washed in a washing machine and they are expensive and hard to repair. That's why, in order to save your visit to the dry cleaner's and to protect them, you may buy a special protection bag or use the method with the garbage bag. It is also good for them to remain on the hangers while moving. You can pay less attention to the sportswear, but do not underestimate the fact that it also wrinkles.
In most cases you will likely not need your coats in summer or your shorts in winter. Our advice is to pack your clothing together on a seasonal principle. Also mark the contents of the bags of suitcases; for example - ‘winter clothes'. That way, you will unpack them during autumn. Furthermore you can separate formal clothes from those used on a daily basis.
Wash you attire before packing. It is more hygienic and they are ready for immediate use after unpacking. Also if you pack dirty and clean clothes together when leaving, on arrival you'll find only dirty clothes and you will have to wash everything from that box.
Shoes are simple. They do not tend to crumple and, since they are made for walking - and thus durable - it is harder to damage them. Just use, if you keep them, their original boxes. If not, almost any other type of box will do. You can even put several pairs in a larger box or container. But clean them well first - especially the soles.

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