Three Steps to an Effective Packing of House Stuff

03Jul 2012

Although moving can be quite stressful and overwhelming experience there are some ways you can make it easier. So, plan ahead, get organized and get started with packing as early as possible. Remember that planning and organizations are most important when moving.

In times when most people are trying to cut on many expenses, the most economical way to an effective moving will be 'do it yourself' way. But , how to do all the things by yourself? Here are some tips and suggestions to show you how.

When you have decided to go for the economical way, the first and most important thing is planning ahead. Make sure to give yourself enough time to pack your stuff. Start with packing the smallest and seldom used items first and then move to the big ones. For your comfort you can clean up and set a room for all your packed stuff , so as not to have the whole apartment messed up with boxes. When you are planning your move it is a good idea to make a list of all the things you are going to take with you. This will help you get more organized and will probably give you the chance to finish your packing earlier. Another important thing you should do is , set aside the stuff you are not taking with you. If you have many things you don't need, you can give them to charity or to your neighbors.

The next step is to buy all the tools you will need during your packing. What will you need? First, consider buying boxes; you will need a lot of them and in different sizes. It is a good idea to measure your large appliances, so to know how many big boxes you will need. Another thing you should buy is a bubble wrap, which you will need to cover your most fragile stuff with for protection. If you don't want to buy a bubble wrap, you can always  use a blanket; it serves the same purpose. In addition to the bubble wrap or blanket, you should have packing paper. This is like a newspaper, but without the ink. So, you can again replace the packing paper with an ordinary newspaper. Don't forget the scissors and the marker, with which you will label your boxes. In every article about packing you will be reminded of the importance of labeling your boxes, so make sure to do that when you are packing.

When you have decided to move your stuff by yourself and not to hire a moving company, you should hire a moving truck. Before you do that, estimate your luggage, so to know whether you will need a bigger or small truck. Make sure to investigate a couple of trucks, before you hire one. When you are examining, look for obvious damages, which can harm your stuff. Furthermore, ask for an insurance document and for one, which approves that the truck is in a good condition. Don't hire more trucks than you will need , this will cost you money. Instead, you can take a big one to contain all your belongings.

No matter how much stuff you have to pack, moving has always been the least desirable experience one could have. It is tiresome and time consuming and there lots of things you should take care of, especially if you have decided to save money and not hire a help. However, using these three steps can help make the process easier and quicker.

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