3 Steps to an Effective Packing of House Stuff

13Jul 2012

So you have finally decided on moving yourself to a new place and now you're wondering where and how to start the whole process of moving and packing your stuff. Don't fret and don't worry! Once you've got all the basics down, all you need to do is follow an exact plan.

Personally I have moved a couple of times and after the first two I finally got the hang of it, and now it's become as natural as breathing is. It really is that easy. It is stressing at the beginning but once you realize it's not such a big deal you'll even enjoy doing it. Especially if you like organizing thing as much as I do.

The first step is to have an actual plan you want to follow until the end. Sit down days, weeks, or even months before the move and start planning. You just simply can't do it the day before the move. If you start your early planning you can always go back to it and redo things. You might have forgotten about something and if you have your plan written down beforehand you can always go back to it and add this and that.

Make a list of the things you want to pack. Maybe you'd want to group certain things together, kitchen supplies go into the kitchen boxes, and clothes go into the clothes boxes. Things that can be damaged need extra packaging and if you have a plan in mind of what things to use, what to get for the move, every little detail will come in handy.  

Once you've set your plan, decide on what boxes to get. This brings us to the second step - boxes and packaging. Big, small, with extra protection, plastic, paper bags, basically everything you'll need! If you have a plan, then this step will be a lot easier. Another good thing to consider buying is a roll of bubble wrap in case you have a lot of breakable items. Personally, when I moved I didn't get bubble wrap and just used old papers (from newspapers and magazines), which is also a good option but it doesn't give you 100% protection. It most certainly does the job in a pinch, however.

Another thing you should consider is putting labels on your boxes. It will be a lot easier if you know exactly where the things you're looking for are, especially if you're lazy like me, and you don't unpack the first day of your arrival. It's advisable to have labels because of the fragile things you will carry. For example, it's really important to know if you're carrying a box of books or a box of glasses.

Lastly, in case you don't have a lorry or a minivan, I will strongly advise you to hire a moving company. And if you decide against that, then hire just a moving vehicle for the day. Estimate your luggage; you have to know what size van or lorry to hire. And if you're struggling between choosing two different sizes, always get the bigger one because you never know what might come up, so it's always good to have the advantage. Examine the vehicle, be sure it won't damage anything, and that it's in good condition.

Moving is often looked upon as tiresome and time consuming, but once it's done properly it may even become an enjoyable thing to do. Follow your plan, pack your things carefully, choose the best moving company or van and enjoy your move!

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