Using A Removals Survey

06Mar 2015

One really useful step to take before embarking on the stressful path of relocation is to arrange at least one removals survey. The best removal companies will provide this kind of service. House movers should be ready to make a home visit before your prospective move to calculate the volume of the belongings that are to be transported. Pre-move surveys allow the moving company to assess what equipment and how many porters will be required on the day of the move. Don’t forget to ask at least three different furniture transport services to take a look at the property you will be moving to as well as the one you are leaving to ensure that the gear and team will have adequate access.

1.    Following the original survey any moving company ought to be able to provide a binding quote. It is essential that you have provided the estimator with complete details so that there can be no additional costs after a price has been agreed. Another reason to ensure that the movers are fully aware of every item to be moved is to avoid the possibility of them turning up on the day with insufficient manpower or space on the removals van. Many transport firms charge by the hour, so any delays will cost you dearly.

2.    Before accepting any quote and committing yourself to a particular firm it is crucial that you know that this company has the correct insurance in place. Thoroughly check the terms and conditions to see what is covered. Make sure that your valuables are fully insured. This can often entail taking out additional insurance for your more expensive items. Different moving companies have varying insurance policies and the percentage of the value of your goods that will be charged to ensure them en route is a factor to consider when weighing up rival quotes.Don’t forget to see if your existing home contents insurance covers your goods whilst on the move – if it does, you could save a substantial sum.

3.    Storage charges can also make a big difference to the total cost of your move. If you need to store goods whilst you are between homes, check what all prospective moving companies charge per cubic foot per week. It is also wise to discover if the costs of loading your goods into and out of storage are included in the quote.

4.    One more consideration to take into account before booking a moving company is the issue of specialist items. Some transportation companies will apply extra fees for shipping unique items of high monetary value. This is due to the fact that such articles may require specialist packing skills and additional equipment to move safely. These goods can include pianos, fine art, antiques and chandeliers. It is imperative that the estimator be shown any specialist items when he carries out a pre-move assessment at your property so that the quote you receive includes any surcharges that their transport might entail. Make sure that any such articles are described in detail in the written and signed contract.

Individuals and businesses wishing to relocate within the capital city of England should seek a dependable and highly regarded specialist moving company with knowledge of the area. Work colleagues and members of the family can be a helpful source of information. Friends and relations can also prove invaluable when it comes to moving heavy and cumbersome items. A trusted friend can make sure that nothing is left unattended whilst loading or unloading the vehicle.

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