4 Creative Ideas to Decorate the Bedroom

05 January 2015

In all the rooms, the bedroom is the most private one. Therefore, when doing the interior decoration for this space, you may follow your own requirements and likes. Meanwhile, as almost everyone spends third of the daily life in it, you need to decorate it as comfortable as possible. Try the folders to make your bedroom comfortable and different.

1. Design a suspended bed
Suspended bed is a great idea for the bedroom owners who like new, fashionable and creative ideas. Hanging bed in the sky not only can bring you excitement, but also gives the space a new look. Do not worry about the safety problem. The bed designer would take these problems into consideration. What you need to do is to get used to the different feeling and enjoy the bedding time.

2. Decorate the head of the bed space
Normally, the head of the bed space is only a big blank if you do not decorate it. To make the space more comfortable and charming, some creative ideas may be applied to here. The easiest way is to hang something unique and creative as a whole here. A great pattern can work here. Or you may DIY a unique interior decoration for this place. The head of my bed use about one hundred books to pile up a wall for it.  The creative ones i saw can be called ingenious. Some people create this place a fish can. Some take advantage of this place to show the world here.

3. Use clothes racks instead of wardrobe
Clothes rack is popular in these days. It is not only famous for its space saving and money saving, but also famous for its decorating effect. I will tell you how. First, the colors for the clothes are so many, which is a good way to add colors to the space. Second, the different length and shape clothes create an art feeling for the space. Therefore, if you want to have a change for the bedroom, you may have a try for the clothes rack.

4. Take advantage of the wall decals
For bedroom, the wallpaper can help to create the romantic feeling and other atmosphere that you like. You may use nursery wall decal to create the warm and gentle atmosphere for the space. Or, the creative wall decals to create the creative and meaningful walls. Many place you can use it, the nightstands, the wall, the window and the door are all available for it. You may take advantage of them to create the space that you like.

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