7 Ways To Brighten Your Living Room This Spring

29 January 2015

For many of us, spring signals a change in many parts of our lives. From the clothes that we wear to our general mood, many of these are influenced by the climate of each season. Famously, spring is also a time when we start thinking about revamping our home interiors and cleaning our homes from top to bottom.

Seasons not only influence and shape fashion, they also have a huge impact on home interiors. Inspired by the colours, smells and activities associated with each time of year, interior trends and colour schemes aim to complement and enhance each season.

With Christmas now a distant memory, thoughts are turning to warm, sunny days and bright blue skies. During the winter months, home interiors tend to steer towards calmer and relaxing colours such as browns, cool blues and deep tones of red, as many of us spend much more time in our homes, hibernating from the cold weather.

But with spring just on the horizon, this is a season that demands colour, and plenty of it. From lively and inviting shades of red, orange and blue to peaceful pastel shades of pink, green and yellow, it’s time to start thinking about how your home will wave goodbye to the long, cold winter months and say hello to bold, bright colour.

Here are our top 7 ways to brighten your living room this spring, transforming your home into a haven of colour.


Incorporating accessories that co-ordinate with the season into your home can be a great way of completely transforming your environment, without the expense of painting and decorating or replacing furniture.

Accessories are also a great way to integrate your own personality into your home.  Some of my favourite ways of brightening up my rooms during the warmer months is to replace the cushions and throws in my living room – swapping warmer colours of winter with bright colours such as soft pinky orange, yellow and green. They instantly give my living room a whole new look and leave a lasting impression.  


If money is not an issue, then you should consider investing in new furniture to brighten and open up your living room in time for the spring.

Investing in ash furniture is a great way to make your room feel light and open for spring.  Both stylish and highly durable, ash furniture is easily distinguishable due to its creamy white, light brown finish that is extremely hardwearing.

Ash furniture is a great alternative to oak when you’re looking to create a lighter, fresh feel in your living room. There’s also sorts of modern options for contemporary furniture out there nowadays – it’s easy to clean and looks great too.


Colour is back with a vengeance and, although many seasonal trends often dictate the colour schemes we should be using, this season almost everything goes. When it comes to contrasting and embracing non-traditional blends, the trends of S/S15 are daring us to step outside the norm to integrate a rainbow of colour into our homes.

Despite a rush towards the brightest and boldest colours that you can get your hands on, darker colours are also making a comeback - high impact shades such as deep navy, inky blue and indigo have replaced black.
Print is alive

This year, it’s all about using clashing patterns, bold prints and mix-and-match furniture to make a bold statement in your living room. You’ll find everything from paisley and ikat to killim and plaid making a welcomed appearance.

I love prints. I find them the perfect way to make a striking impact and signal the start of a new season within my home. The secret is to open your mind to something new and step away from safe, low impact prints that have become so predictable.

Experimenting with new prints should be fun, allowing you to let your creativity run wild. This season, play and experiment with loose geometrics, blurred lines and relaxed graphics, whilst integrating them into different areas of your living room as a key feature and focal point. For example, use prints on your walls, to cover upholstery, or even to revamp centrepieces in your living spaces.  

Multifunctional and versatile

Don’t be afraid to embrace an eclectic mix of interiors and accessories that are unique to you and your home. With a strong focus on versatility and the practicality of this season’s key trends – investing in a variety of key pieces that will last you a lifetime has never been so easy.  

For example, if you are revamping your living room, invest in pieces that fulfil more than one role or purpose. Another key trend for S/S15 is to reinvent tired looking objects in your living room that have lost their spark. Whether you choose to give your favourite piece a new lick of paint or change the handles of your tired looking doors, simple changes can make a huge impact.

Pairing the old with the new is another big trend!

Bring the outside in

They say that spring is the season to embrace outdoor living but, with the unpredictable British weather, sometimes that’s easier said than done – so why not bring the outside inside?

Drawing inspiration from outside and bringing pots and plants that vary in height and texture, along with salvaged stone, metal and wood accessories inside of your home can be a great way of brightening up your living room.

Oversized interior landscaping is a great way of embracing nature inside your home. Not only does it create a calming and relaxing atmosphere but it also allows you to enjoy the benefits of the season without having to step outside when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Feature walls are out – zonal painting is the way forward

Using wallpaper on a feature wall has continued to increase in popularity, with many people invest in daring prints to make a striking impact in various parts of their living room.

But stepping into the limelight for this season is zonal painting. Used to add interest to vertical surfaces, this innovative concept uses two or more block colours in order to distinguish walls and segments.  

Mixed media wall hangings, fibre art and other fabric inspired wall hangings have also made a welcomed return – paving the way for interesting objects, images and wall pieces to be integrated into the existing décor of your room.

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