Alternative Living Suggestions for a First Time Mover

27 August 2014

You do not want to buy your own house and you do not have the money to rent a flat in either first or second hand. And you definitely don’t want to spend another day at your parent’s house. What should you do? Here are some suggestions for you.

The first thing that you can think about is to live as a lodger where you inherent a room by a private person in an apartment or a house. This is often seen as a temporary solution if you for example are forced to move into a city and won’t be able to find your own place in a day. As a lodger/roomer you usually pay a monthly rent to the person you live with, and get access to some rooms of the house or flat. It is important that you pre-agree on what is included in the rent and what practical rules that reigns. Those who want to rent out a room in their home often advertise in local newspapers, on bulletin boards or the Internet. Sometimes you are lucky to know someone who knows someone. Again I want to stress the fact that living in someone else’s house is a rather sensitive thing. You will have to be absolutely clear of the rules and what is in the rent and what is not. There are lots of ghost stories about people who has been deceived and poorly treated by their landlord. Even if they are friends of the family, you will have to be careful and pay the rent on time and follow the rules.

Another suggestion is: A Collective Accommodation. It means that several people share a bigger house or a joint household. Here you move into a large collective accommodation with many families or friends in a large house. When several people, especially if you do not know each other that well, sharing a house together, it is very important to remember who owns the house or who the tenant in the lease is. It is he or she who has the ultimate responsibility to the rent and bills that are paid and who will get payment default if payment is late. Therefore agree on the rules before moving in.

When renting by or with someone you do not have the same freedom that you had when you lived at home with your family, or if you would live by yourself. There are some ground rules that need to be followed. The rent is always a sensitive subject so never ever be late. Don’t share your food with your roommates if you are not friends. Keep everything clean and for the love of God, always have a meeting with the ones that you are going to live with and go through the rules one by one. It is easier than you might think to tick off someone that lends out a room for you. Of course this life suits some people better than it suits others.

Boarding home is also an option that is fairly common in colleges and some vocational courses. The similarities are quite large with student housing and is available in various forms. Costs and size differs between different schools. If you are moving away from a property, it may be smart to use it when you find a new one. It is not allowed to sell rental properties, but it is legal to switch. Rummage the Internet forums and see what places you can find.

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