Best Car Shipping Rates

27 August 2014

When searching for the best car shipping rates it is important to remember that the best car shipping companies aren’t going to just throw the lowest price at you, but the best bang for your buck. Hoping for the cheapest price to be the best is like hoping for a Ruth’s Chris quality steak from McDonalds.

The best car shipping company isn’t going to tell you the price you want to hear. Cheap car shipping is almost never the best car shipping service. Car shipping prices are set by the truck drivers, not the person you are talking to who is trying to get your car shipped.

A lot of sites will send you a car shipping quote in your email, but a lot of times those car shipping quotes are automatically generated and are not correct. The only way to get the right price is to actually talk to someone, give them all the information about your vehicle (size, modifications, whether it runs) and have them run the numbers.

If you’re interested in car shipping you have to make sure whoever is helping you is giving you the right car shipping rates. Some shippers will tell you what you want to hear in order to get a deposit from you and leave you believing that your car is being delivered. Most people have never shipped a car before and don’t know the truth about automobile shipping rates or the brokers they talk to. Because of this many people end up paying a deposit for a shipment that isn’t going to happen.

At Ship Your Car Now we find a driver for you before taking any money, which is only to hold a spot on the truck for you. We make sure that you pay the right price for the best shipping possible.

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