Don't Make These Mistakes When Moving Home

27 August 2014

Is one of the biggest challenges in your life is just around the corner and you feel a little perplexed with everything on your agenda? There is no need to worry because in this article you will find out the common mistakes many people make when moving home, so that you won’t be doomed to repeat them. After you learn what to do and not to do when it comes to planning your move, you will never feel bitter about anything related to removals.

·1         You forgot to calculate the total cost of the entire move and were unpleasantly surprised when you received the final bill. Do not let that happen again and always have a rough estimation of the cost of the removal, including every additional charge and service that may come up.

·2         You do not have insurance.

Having insurance for your items and furniture may seem pointless now, but you definitely will not think so if someone drops the box with the flat-screen TV or the very expensive China set. Some removal companies will pay you for any damages. However, you have to make sure in advance that the company you are using is one of them and will refund you if an incident happens. In addition, you have to be informed about the clauses of the insurance policy and what conditions should be met in order to receive a reimbursement.

·3         You have not thought about the items requiring special attention.

Do you know that there are lists of personal belongings that hold a sentimental value to their owners and most removal companies don’t take the risk to transport them? For example, some of these items are jewelry, family photos, collectibles, cash or important documents. Other items belonging on this list are any flammable products, such as paints, gasoline, fireworks, firearms and even alcohol. You have to pack and transport these items yourself, so have that in mind and leave room for them in your car when moving.

Every moving company has its own conditions and a list of non-allowable items, so make sure you read every single clause of your contract carefully and you will not need to look for extra room in your car, if additional luggage needs to be transported at the last moment.

·4         You forgot to think about your pet. It is really easy to forget about the specific needs of your beloved animal when you are busy with sorting out all the moving details. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that depending on your relocation and your pet, you may need to have certain documentation and certificates ready for your moving day, as well as have him checked up by the vet. Do not forget to make sure that his transportation is secured as well.

·5         You did not clean the clutter in your living space. It is likely that you own many items you have not used for years and when you decide to move out, you will be in a situation in which you have to pay for packing and transporting stuff that you will not need again. That is why you should go through all of your belongings before you start packing, and everything that you do not use or need can be sold, given away or just recycled.

·6         You forgot about the survival kit that could save you a lot of trouble during your first days in the new place. What you will pack in it depends entirely on the travel distance and whether you have small children with you, etc. But any first necessity supplies that will be in your carry-on luggage and may come in handy are recommended, such as important medicines, food and water, a flashlight, all of your documents and enough cash.
If you have enough time to properly organise your preparation and keep in mind the most common mistakes, so you do not make them, you will certainly make your removal a successful and pleasant one.

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