Five Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Larger

17 November 2014

If you have a small bedroom, don’t waste time lamenting the fact! Instead take positive action because there is plenty you can do to make a bijou sleeping space feel that bit bigger.
With a few simple tricks of the trade in decorating, organising and choosing the right bedroom furniture, you really can transform a petite chamber into a sanctuary that allows you the space to relax and unwind after a long day, rather than just a functional place to get your head down.

1.    Use your bed to scale your décor
Generally the bed will be the focal point of your bedroom. An oversized bed in a small space is always going to make the entire room feel overcrowded. You need the right sleeping space of course, but try and go for a bed design that is understated rather than one with delusions of grandeur. Maximise on mattress, minimise on bedstead! Bring storage in where you can, perhaps with an ottoman base so you can save space in the rest of the room. Then scale bedside tables, lamps and any other decorations surrounding the bed like photo frames to match the proportions of the bed. Everything will flow nice and neatly and won’t look at all out of place.

2.    Choose bedroom furniture wisely
Begin by measuring your wall space across and up, and then calculate how far you can come out from the wall without eating into the floor space. Now you know how much you have to play with. What you are aiming for is bedroom furniture that uses as much flat wall space as possible, without impinging on the walking area. Avoid curved furniture as the added features take up far more space than you need in a practical sense. Go for anything that frees up the floor area, such as wall-hung bedside tables and dressers. The more floor space on show and the more walk-through area, the bigger the room will feel.

3.    Select Shrewd Storage Solutions
There is no room for clutter in a petite boudoir, so think through storage solutions carefully. Start with under-bed storage as this is the obvious place for stashing what you need to get to, but don’t need to have on show. Whether it’s built-in drawers or a lift-up ottoman style base, or you plump for roll-out bins or stylish wicker baskets, the aim is the same: to utilise unused space. Believe it or not, a headboard can also be turned into storage space with cleverly added shelving and cubby holes. Always think multifunction when it comes to bedroom storage: double up seating space with storage courtesy of ottomans and poufs.

4.    Form a Focal Point
What you really want to do is emphasise the positive and draw the eye away from the not-so-desirable. Source yourself an eye-catching piece of artwork to adorn a main wall and divert attention. Accentuate a particularly attractive piece of furniture with a conspicuous vase or sculpture. It is all about putting your imagination to good use to take the heat off the smallness of your bedroom and reassign attention to other areas.

5.    Be Careful with Colour
Light and airy colours are a must in a smaller space, especially for walls, ceilings and flooring. Let in as much natural light as you possibly can with the right choice of window dressings that maximise light flow. If you particularly like darker shades then bring them in via accessories as accents rather than drenching the room in colours that serve only to drink in space.

Small bedrooms need not be a challenge! On the contrary, they can be lovely and cosy and at the same time offer enough space for you to relax without feeling closed in. Choose the right bedroom furniture and incorporate these ideas and you will soon be rushing home to your bijou boudoir for an evening of unwinding in your special space.

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