Moving Furniture: Your Guide to the Big Stuff

01 September 2014

Moving house usually brings to mind a whole heap of boxes. But don’t forget: the big items, those wardrobes, beds, tables, dressers, kitchen appliances and sofas wont move themselves. Now, if you’re hiring a removals firm, they can deal with those. But if you’re moving yourself, there are some real time, stress and back saving tricks to moving the big stuff.

Even if you are using professional movers, you want to protect not only the big pieces of furniture, but also your walls and door frames. There’s not a lot worse than, having cleaned up diligently for the new owners, making good and filling in all those little holes left over from picture hooks, to leave an all too obvious gouge in the plaster where you accidentally bashed the corner of a table whilst getting it out. Here are our top five items to have available on hand for moving day. The professionals may already have them, but if you’re doing it yourself or hiring a man with a van, invest in these.

Corner protectors – expanding, reinforced and shock absorbing corner protectors fit easily and neatly onto the corners of your most bullish items, the ones likely to damage walls and doors. So put them on your tables, corner units, dressers and anything else that’s hard, big and unwieldy. You’ll keep your furniture, your hands and the walls safe.

Mattress and sofa covers – it always seems to rain on moving day. Even if it doesn’t, moving is a dusty, messy business. For just a few pounds, your soft furnishings can be completely protected in a plastic film, meaning they arrive pristine for their pride of place in your new home. It’s a cheap, simple and quick option which can protect against a whole lot of water damage, or just to hassle of trying to clean off marks and dirt from a mover’s van or hauling them through the house and garden. Also look at furniture pads, which can also wrap appliances, avoiding any scratches or nicks.

Appliance sliders or gliders – now these are really nifty. Never underestimate the weight and the awkwardness of a fridge, washing machine or cooker. With appliance gliders or movers, you only have to tilt the appliance back and slip the slider underneath. Then, it will roll over any surface, including thick carpets. They’re cheap and reusable. As long as your appliances are on the same floor as the exit route to the removals truck, you don’t have any awkward lifting to do.

Utility dolly (a hand truck) – now this is great for smaller furniture, like shelf units, and also those pesky boxes. You don’t even have to buy one, but can hire one for moving day. You just slide the item onto the dolly plate, tilt back and then roll them to the truck. This takes all the strain of lifting away from your back, and you can also move several loaded boxes in one go. Perfect, simple and well proven.

Van ramps – again, this is all about saving your back. It’s great that you have moved all those big, heavy items out to the street, but they still need to get in the back of the removals van. What you need now is a set of van ramps. Two planks may do, but think about the load they will have to bear. You could do serious damage both to yourself and to your appliances and big furniture if the planks slipped or, even worse, broke. Proper van ramps are the answer, so you can roll your hand truck all the way in, or use your appliance gliders.

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