Tips for Moving with Kids

27 August 2014

The topic must have given you goose bumps. Yes it is a fact when it comes to moving especially with kids is a pretty difficult task.  You need to narrow down on a lot of things before you start moving or in fact even start telling your kids that you are moving.

Firstly be prepared to deal with irritated and tantrum throwing kids about everything especially teenagers because they might find it the hardest to leave their school, friends and well known environment behind. Toddlers and little ones on the other hand might be easier to handle as they will find it less disturbing as new friends and a new home might sound really exciting to them. The best way to cope with this is to be open from the very start and sound very upbeat and excited. This might have an easier way for you to make the packing and moving exciting and engage the kids and make it memorable for them too. Make them feel welcome when it comes to questioning about moving and even helping with packing.

When you start telling your kids about the move be positive. Highlight all the positive aspects first and benefits of why you chose to move to that place. Maps and pictures can make them feel connected to the new place and it might trigger interest in them for the new place.

Teenagers can be especially very difficult to handle as they tend to be stubborn than younger kids.  Prepare yourself mentally that they will give you a hard time as it will be the hardest for them to move from a place they are so emotionally attached to the place you are moving out from. You need to be very patient. Toddlers and slightly bigger kids are easy as they feel more excited if you make them feel excited about a new place. Giving them some independence like choosing their room or the setting their room or the color of the walls and curtains might help in making them happy and developing their interest.

The man and van removals are there to help you with everything. Be very sure to research good schools in the new area and get acquainted with different places of interest in the new area. This will make decision making easy for you and if you are well informed your child will accordingly get inquisitive and act in appositive way.

Packing can be divided into three parts. First the essential things pile which needs to be kept for moving to the new place. Give away all the broken and useless things in charity.

Always make a checklist especially for the moving day as things tend to slip from one’s mind with so many things occupying your brain. Parents of younger children will find this checklist a blessing and be sure to keep necessities packed and at handy. Do not worry, try to lighten your mood you will move in properly and your children will eventually settle in whether young or small!

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